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Nine ways to improve your memory .

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par Touch-Of-Nature le Mer 25 Avr 2007, 15:27

A good memory is often seen as a something that cames naturally and a bad memory as somthing that cannot be changed , but actually there is a lot that you can do to improve your memory. However , it does mean taking responsibility and making an effort. Here are nine ways to improve your memory.

1+ Take an interest – make an effort
We all remember the things we are interested in and forget the ones that bore us. This no doubt explains the reason why schoolboys remember football results effortlessly but struggle with dates from their history lessons! Take an active interest in what you want to remember, and focus on it consciosly. One way to make yourself more interested is to ask questions – the more the better!

2+ Repeat things
Repeating things is the best way to remember things for a short time, e.g. remembering a phone number for a few second. 'Chunking' or grouping numbers helps you remember them, e.g. the following numbers would be impossible for most of us to remember: 1593574568521473. But look at them in 'chunking and it becomes much easier: 1593 5745 6852 1473.

3+ Form a mental picture
Another way to make something more memorable is to think about something visual associated with it. Form a mental picture, and the stranger the picture the better your will remember it!

4+ Invent a story
To remember long lists, try inventing a story which includes all the items you want to remember. In experiments, people were asked to remember up to 120 words using this technique and when they were tested afterwards, on average they could remember ninety percent of them.

5+ Organise your ideas
If we organise what we know in a logical way then when we learn more about that subject we understand that better, and so add to our knowledge more easily. Make well-organised notes. Be sure things are clear in your mind. If not, ask questions untill you understand!

6+ Take mental exercise
If you do not want to lose your memory as you get older you need to keep your brain fit, just like your body : ' use it or lose it ' is the experts' advice. Logic puzzle, crosswords and mental arithmetic are all good ' mental aerobics'.

7+ Take physical exercise
Physical exercise is also important for your memory, because it increases your heart rate and sends more oxygen to your brain, and that makes your memory work better. Exrecise also reduces stress , which is very bad for the memory.

8+ Eat the right things
Scienctists have discovered that the fats found in fish like tuna – as well as in oliva oil – help to improve the memory. Vitamins C and E (found in fruits like oranges, strawberries and red grapps) and vitamin B (found in meat and green vegetables) are all good ' brain food', too.

9+ Drink coffee
Caffeine may not be too good for you, but like exercise, it increases your heart rate and send more oxygen to your brain. A cup of coffee really does help you concentrate when you sit down to study. And if you don't like coffee , don't worry – experts believe that chewing gum has the same effect!

Personally I keep repeating things and talking while I'm revising ...
Maintenant, madariste
Maintenant, madariste

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par rosebelle16 le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 09:54

These advises are good, I really need them Wink
Je commence à comprendre comment.
Je commence à comprendre comment.

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par Invité le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 11:23

You've just given life to this post , rosebelle16.
That's great!
One more remark, if you don't mind: advice is always used as a notion; then it never takes the plural "s".
To talk about just one part, we say : a piece of advice.
So, here, better say: these pieces of advice!

Everyone has trouble remembering things occasionally. Sometimes we forget the names of celebrities we've read about or heard about hundreds of times. You may often forget what you had for breakfast that morning. Many people consistently have trouble remembering the names of co-workers, family members of their friends, and may even call their own children by the names of their other children. This is perfectly normal, but it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to work on improving your memory.

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your memory is to start eating a better diet. Studies have shown that eating foods rich in essential fatty acids can improve brain function considerably, including memory and concentration. Foods such as salmon, mackerel, flax seeds, and linseeds are all rich in various fatty acids. Also, you should try to cut out refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar. These foods can cause lowered brain function, trouble remembering things, and lowered concentration.

Reduce stress in your life as much as possible. Recent studies have proven that chronic over-secretion of the common stress hormones can cause a decline in brain function, especially memory. When you body is under a lot of stress, you body will release the hormone cortisol. This hormone can interfere with neurotransmitter function, causing memory problems and reduced concentration. It is also responsible for weight gain, especially around the middle. This is another great reason to reduce stress.

Another great way to improve your memory is to spend as much time possible performing activities that increase your brain power. Try playing along with television game shows such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. If you enjoy video games, there are a number of software packages out there that can help improve your memory. Brain Games is a popular package that is available for the Nintendo DS game system. This particular game system is a portable, hand-held game system that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. So you could take the game with you to doctor's appointments, on the subway or bus, on long trips where you won't be driving, on aeroplanes, etc. This gives you the double impact of improving your memory and having something to do during boring moments! Reading non-fiction books is another activity that can really help improve your memory. You might focus on history, geography, mathematics, or science.

Finally, you might try out some new-age techniques for memory improvement such as hypnosis and acupuncture. Some people claim these techniques can improve memory substantially, but the medical community is pretty divided over their effectiveness. If other methods are not working for you, then you might consider seeking these alternative methods. They might also make a very good supplment in addition to other methods.

It is best if you try a variety of methods to improve your memory. A balanced diet, combined with stress-reduction, exercise, and proper mental stimulation is the best course of action for improving the overall function of your brain, your concentration, and your memory. By using these methods together, you have the best chance to improve your memory quickly.

Dernière édition par @dmin le Dim 07 Juin 2009, 13:50, édité 1 fois

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par Invité le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 12:26

1. Never stop learning.

Look for topics that interest you and really get involved with learning new information and developments about them. If possible, you can join groups of common interest in classes or courses in order to come into contact with other people who have common interests with you.

Reading, following lectures, programs, information on television and the Internet, are sources of continuous education for your brain with beneficial results to your memory.

2. Cultivate your social and family relationships.

The man has inherent sociability. The more social you are, the better it is for your brain. The isolation is damaging many body systems. Studies have shown that the brain and heart have a lot to gain from good family and social relationships.

In this context you can become a volunteer providing assistance where the community needs you, or even to participate in an organized group, which corresponds to your own interests. If you have a pet for example, you can socialise with other people who have a pet and discuss with them relevant issues with them and develop closer relations.

3. Develop new habits.

Every time you oblige yourself to do something new, in fact you oblige yourself to trigger new forces to achieve the objectives you have set.

Consider changing the location of your furniture, try button up your shirt with one hand or lay butter on bread in a different way or with you eyes closed, try to learn to use the mouse with your other hand. You can think of several original ideas on the way to exercise your brain and help your memory improve.

4. Exercise your mind with games.

The more you use the features of the brain, the more you help your memory stay in shape. There are many games that arouse your intellectual capabilities but can also contribute to a better sociability. Backgammon, chess, puzzles and many other board games, offer you entertainment and also help you improve memory.

5. Physical Exercise can improve your memory.

Physical exercise improves the circulatory system. Even the simple but regular daily exercise such as fast walking can improve the heart and the oxygenation of the brain. There is no need to be a marathon runner in order to benefit from physical activity. The benefits of exercise affect positively many body systems, and particularly our memory and other cognitive capabilities. It is enough to exercise for 20 minutes everyday in simple forms of exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming and dancing.

It is scientifically proven that walking for 2.5 hours each week substantially improves the memory in people over 50.

6. Food that will help you improve your memory.

What we eat every day, affects the performance and long-term condition of our memory. Surveys in recent decades, have shown that certain foods can contribute to the better functioning of the neural circuits of the brain that control memory.

The common feature of these foods is that they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can help and benefit the nervous system.

Remember that in order to get better results with vitamins in your body, it is better to eat more fruits and vegetables rather than swallow vitamin formulations. The reason is that by eating foods rich in vitamins you also absorb other useful nutrients that act complementary and support the work of vitamins.

Some of the foods that can improve your memory are:

1. Green leafy vegetables, spinach, cabbage, lettuce
2. Broccoli and cauliflower
3. Fruit juice, fruit
4. Various kinds of berries, pomegranates
5. Nuts
6. Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel
7. Olive oil and other vegetable oils

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par Invité le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 12:33

7. Take a Break.

Changing physical or mental perspective is a wonderful way to lighten the invisible stress that occurs when you sit in one place too long. Taking a 5-15 minute break every hour during work sessions is more beneficial than non-stop study. It gives your mind time to relax and absorb information.

8. Try Ginkgo Biloba.

Ginkgo biloba is a natural supplement that has been used in China and other countries for centuries and has been reputed to reverse memory loss. It’s also suggested by some health practitioners to be a highly effective mood enhancer and is worth trying if you experience memory problems.
Here's its leaf (sa feuille):
Nine ways to improve your memory . Ginkgo_biloba_02

Dernière édition par @dmin le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 13:06, édité 1 fois

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par Invité le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 12:51

For the exam preparation:

Before you study for your next exam, you might want to use a few strategies to boost your memory of important information. There are a number of tried and tested techniques for improving memory. These strategies have been established within cognitive psychology literature and offer a number of great ways to improve memory, enhance recall, and increase retention of information.

1. Focus your attention on the materials you are studying.

Attention is one of the major components of memory. In order for information to move from short-term memory into long-term memory, you need to actively attend to this information. Try to study in a place free of distractions such as television, music, and other diversions.

2. Avoid cramming by establishing regular study sessions.

According to Bjork (2001), studying materials over a number of session’s gives you the time you need to adequately process the information. Research has shown that students who study regularly remember the material far better that those did all of their studying in one marathon session.

3. Structure and organize the information you are studying.

Researchers have found that information is organized in memory in related clusters. You can take advantage of this by structuring and organizing the materials you are studying. Try grouping similar concepts and terms together, or make an outline of your notes and textbook readings to help group related concepts.

4. Utilize mnemonic devices to remember information.

Mnemonic devices are a technique often used by students to aid in recall. A mnemonic is simply a way to remember information. For example, you might associate a term you need to remember with a common item that you are very familiar with. The best mnemonics are those that utilize positive imagery, humour, or novelty. You might come up with a rhyme, song, or joke to help remember a specific segment of information.

5. Elaborate and rehearse the information you are studying.

In order to recall information, you need to encode what you are studying into long-term memory. One of the most effective encoding techniques is known as elaborative rehearsal. An example of this technique would be to read the definition of a key term, study the definition of that term, and then read a more detailed description of what that term means. After repeating this process a few times, your recall of the information will be far better.

6. Relate new information to things you already know.

When you are studying unfamiliar material, take the time to think about how this information relates to things that you already know. By establishing relationships between new ideas and previously existing memories, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of recalling the recently learned information.

7. Visualize concepts to improve memory and recall.

Many people benefit greatly from visualizing the information they study. Pay attention to the photographs, charts, and other graphics in your textbooks. If you don’t have visual cues to help, try creating your own. Draw charts or figures in the margins of your notes or use highlighters or pens in different colours to group related ideas in your written study materials.

8. Teach new concepts to another person.

Research suggests that reading materials out loud significantly improves memory of the material. Educators and psychologists have also discovered that having students actually teach new concepts to others enhances understanding and recall. You can use this approach in your own study by teaching new concepts and information to a friend or study partner.

9. Pay extra attention to difficult information.

Have you ever noticed how it's sometimes easier to remember information at the beginning or end of a chapter? Researchers have found that the position of information can play a role in recall, which is known as the serial position effect. While recalling middle information can be difficult, you can overcome this problem by spending extra time rehearsing this information or try restructuring the information so it will be easier to remember. When you come across an especially difficult concept, devote some extra time to memorizing the information.

10. Vary your study routine.

Another great way to increase your recall is to occasionally change your study routine. If you are accustomed to studying in one specific location, try moving to a different spot to study. If you study in the evening, try to spend a few minutes each morning reviewing the information you studied the previous night. By adding an element of novelty to your study sessions, you can increase the effectiveness of your efforts and significantly improve your long-term recall.

Now mine:

11. Picture your knowledge.
It's easier for the brain to remember a picture than a series of written lines because it takes into consideration the form, the colours and other features included in the picture better than mere words.
What you need is to mind-map all your data or put information colours on pictures and see them everyday for a moment on the wall of your bedroom, the doors, the toilet, anywhere you go to or pass by everyday.
Nine ways to improve your memory . MindMapGuidlines
The toilet is an interesting place for sticking pictures and mind maps since you're obliged to stay there for long and idling (= doing nothing with your mind). Very Happy
However, avoid doing this, there, with Koranic extracts because it is sinful.

12. Knowledge associated to a certain piece of music is easier to remember if you refrain that piece of music again in order to recall that knowledge. Then, you can revise again and again a lesson while listening to some music you know well. At the exam, if you feel that your brain fails to recall that lesson, just sing inside that refrain calmly and data will be recalled easily. This is called association: We associate something we like with something we're obliged to remember. Emotionally, this way helps also to get something we're obliged to remember in a cool way = less stress and more data permeability!

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par totally_cheval le Sam 02 Mai 2009, 14:18

Interesting ... Very Happy

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

Message par Invité le Mer 29 Juil 2009, 06:53

Want more?

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Nine ways to improve your memory . Empty Re: Nine ways to improve your memory .

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